Everything you did for me recently is lovely and I am happy to have everything else in one piece.

– Joan


Thank you! We’ll be bringing a few other pieces for you to “do your magic” on. I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

– Patty (Art Expressions Gallery)


Many many thanks to you for being in Del Mar and fixing my Murano leaf from my chandelier. I really very much appreciate it.

Wish you folks all the very best. May 2011 be a wonderful year for you both. Thank you again.

– Dennis


Thanks for the nice job on the candy dish list.  Here are some more pieces since you did such a good job!!!!!  3 wine glasses & 1 ashtray.  The glasses are from Morono Italy, they are real gold, etc.  Are they worth fixng, please advise?!

– Cookie (Vista, CA)


It arrived in good condition yesterday, good job!  Do you recall the maker and pattern of this cobalt blue bottomed glass with the clear top, with etchings…  I would really appreciate the info.  Thank you again, I will definitely use your services again!

– Patty (Clovis, CA)


The package arrived today.  EXCELLENT!!  I cannot tell where it was damaged.

– Dave


The red vase arrived yesterday and it looks great!!  Thanks so much…

– Sharon


Thank you for a great job.  I was very pleased that you were able to find another piece of glass to go with the pieces that I gave you.  Thank you very much.

– Beth


The box came Friday, but my computer crashed and we had to install another hard drive, which still has problems, but at least I can write this to you.  You did a WONDERFULL!! job.  I would like to send you a couple more pieces to do for me if you would.  Please let me know and I will box them up. Thanks for everything,

– Bobby


 Order was received.  The result is quite beautiful.  Thanks!

– Geo


Thanks so much for such quick service!

– Katie


Thanks for the good job.  They looked great.  We appreciate your quality of work.

– Joe and Jan


I received the Glassware, as always I’m amazed at the work you do.  I can’t even tell where the chip was!  I’m going to send some other things in a week or two if it’s ok.  Thanks,

– Holly


 I received in the mail the carnival glass that you repaired for me.  Thanks.  When will you be back in San Diego at Del Mar (I would assume)?

– Jerry


I received your package today and was really happy to get it.  I just have to tell you that you do just a wonderful job on the grinding and I really appreciate getting it back so quickly.  You are a great wrapper also.  It took me a while to get into the packages.  Thanks again for doing such a nice job on them.  Now I know why Diane says no one can grind like Leo.  Thanks again, I sure will not hesitate to send things out now if I find more damaged items in the basement.  Happy holidays,

– Jackie


Thank you so much for repairing the waterford glass in Del Mar and I know I will have things in the future.  I trust we can continue our business relationship and you do wonderful work.  You are very blessed.

– Joanne


Just wanted to let you know my candy dish and candie holder arrived safe and sound.  They look great, sorry I waited so long to get them fixed.

– Jackie (San Diego, CA)


We just received the crystal.  All of it is gorgeous.  You do amazing work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  All the best,

– Sandra and Ralph


The bowl arrived Saturday afternoon. Our computer was in the shop until this afternoon so I couldn’t contact you until now. The bowl looks beautiful! Thank you so very much for your work! I appreciate it very much!

– Marty Ahlemeyer


The vase was delivered yesterday and I am very pleased.  You did a great job.  I will recommend you to my friends and send you more work, if I ever need it. And I will remember to save any broken parts, if I do break something. Thank You,

– Missy


Got it. It is PERFECT! And I cannot think of any way you could improve your service. Truly! If I come across anyone else with broken glass, I will shout your name from the rooftops. Thanks so much.I wish you and your wife and your dog only good things! Cheers!

– Ginger


The pitcher arrived last Saturday – thank you! It’s still a great looking piece – glad to have it back in usable form. Thanks again.

– Pete


I just wanted to let you know that I received the compote and I am thrilled. The repair hardly shows at all. It came awhile ago, but it has been a busy summer for me and it has taken me this long to communicate with you. Thank you so much and I shall recommend you to all my friends. All the Best,

– Fifi Kampf


It arrived safe and sound and looks great – thank you.

– Celeste King


Got it. Thank you. It looks great!

– Lisa


Hi Leo, I received the repaired shade, thank you. I was not at home on the July 3rd when it came for delivery so I picked it up today at my local post office. I think it came out great considering the shape it was in when I sent it to you. Thanks again for all your work and hopefully I will send you more work in the future… Best Regards,

– Andy


I am well pleased. The repair is great. If I didn’t know where it was broken, I don’t think I could ever tell. I had a friend try to find the area and she couldn’t. I appreciated all. Thanks for your help. I do have 2 other pieces that need repair – we’ll keep it touch.

– Jayne


I received it today. You did a great job! My wife and I appreciate you restoring her treasured gift from me.

– Kurt


I was and am so happy with your work. The vase is beautiful. It had been in its broken state for over 60 years. It was my Mom’s who died in September at 96 years, now it’s mine and I think of her when i see it. I am so grateful for your work …. THANK YOU !!!

– Timothy Wright (Pinterest pictures of the repair)