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Chipped Goblets

Chips on both the rims and on the bases can be fixed very successfully.


Chips in Cut Glass ($30-$200)

Cut Glass can quickly acquire multiple chips on the “teeth.”  I’ve developed special tools and techniques to get these looking great again, even if they have dozens of chips.


Broken Goblets, Bowls, Glass Lampshades, Vases, etc. ($45-$300)

This is one of my most popular services because the results can be stunning.  Even completely shattered items can be repaired if all the pieces are available.  Make sure that you don’t try to fit the pieces together or glue them yourself before you send them to me (doing so causes tiny chips along the brake points that will make the lines more visible once the item is repaired).  The epoxy I use to fuse the glass together is exceptionally strong, long lasting, and temperature resistant.


Marbles (varies)

I have a special machine that helps me to remove the chips from a marble, restoring its beauty.


Perfume Bottles (varies)

Repairing perfume bottles is one of my specialties.  So much so, that I’m now regularly invited to repair them at the International Perfume Bottle Association’s annual show.


Other Services

Do you have a tough project that you’re not sure if it’s possible to repair?  Call me or send me pictures; you’d be surprised at some of the minor miracles I’ve been able to pull off.